Always Stop After A Crash

Always Stop After A Crash

If you’ve been involved in a road accident, it’s illegal not to stop if people are injured, an animal has been hit, or someone else’s property has been damaged.

It’s a criminal offence if you don’t stop, even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

If the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident doesn’t stop or tries to leave the scene, then you should call the police to report this.

Straight after being involved in a road accident, it’s very important to check whether everyone involved is okay. If anybody is injured and needs immediate medical attention, call an ambulance.

Unless you’re completely sure you’re okay, you should see a doctor or visit a hospital to check your injuries and to get treatment.

Suffering From Shock?

It’s also common to suffer from shock after a car accident, and this can make you think you’re okay when you may actually be injured. Shock can also take a while to settle in, so it may be that you suffer shock once you’ve got home following your accident, or even while driving.

We recommend taking extra care if you’ve been involved in even a minor accident, and if you can we suggest getting somebody to pick you and your car up to avoid delayed shock affecting your journey home.

It’s a completely natural reaction to feel the need to apologize after being involved in a car accident, but doing so could affect your insurance and compensation claims so it’s best not to admit fault at this stage.

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